3DM system to support COVID-19

Virus-X industrial partner Bio-Prodict has released a suite of 3DM systems to support COVID-19 drug and vaccine R&D. The 3DM bioinformatics system gives instant insight into SARS-CoV-2 protein structure and function relations and is being offered free of charge to scientists working on COVID-19 3DM systems are protein super-family platforms that collect, combine and integrate[…]

COVID-19 response by Virus-X

Members of Virus-X are working on several fronts related to COVID-19 including viral DNA/RNA extraction technology being offered for diagnostics by our partner A&A Biotechnology in Poland. The DNA/RNA isolation kit offered by our industrial partner is used for the isolation of viral DNA and RNA from blood samples, swabs, saliva and respiratory aspirates and is being put[…]