First Virus-X Patent Application

The Virus-X project is taking steps to establish intellectual assets from the genetic assets of viral metagenomes. The first patent application, based on new technology using genetic resources that are being discovered in the project, has now been filed (March 2019). For the industrial-drive of the project and the aim of establishing commercial value, turning[…]

Virus-X industrial survey

A specific goal of the Virus-X project is the exploitation of enzymes from unique ecosystems e.g. high or low temperatures, hydrostatic pressure or salinity. We are looking for those interested in testing new Virus-X solutions and products. We invite interested parties to take this survey by our industrial partner A&A Biotechnology.

Going to Extremes – ESOF2018

How can microbes from extreme environments aid society? Take a look at the “Going to Extremes” session at the multidisiplinary Euroscience Open Forum 2018. A scientific session with audience participation organised by the European Horizon2020 projects MetaFluidics ( and Virus-X in collaboration with the science communication agency Scienseed ( Watch the video of the event[…]

Virus-X as Popular Science

Virus-X was recently featured in the French science magazine La Recherche in an article by the project coordinator (Ævarsson, A: Les virus à la source, La Recherche No 537, July-August 2018, p. 92-93 (in French)). The article is written for a broad readership, including non-scientists. It describes the ideas behind the project and it’s structure,[…]

Virus-X excellence in science is bearing fruit.

The Virus-X excellence in science is being recognized and a number of scientific publications supported by Virus-X are being published in high-impact scientific journals: Steinegger M, Söding J. MMseqs2 enables sensitive protein sequence searching for the analysis of massive data sets. Nat Biotechnol. 2017 Nov;35(11):1026-1028. Galiez C, Siebert M, Enault F, Vincent J, Söding J.[…]

The Virosphere – the last frontier

By Dr. Ida Helene Steen, Dr. Håkon Dahle & Prof. Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Department of Biology and Centre for Geobiology, University of Bergen, Norway. There are still scientific discoveries to be made! The new EU project, Virus-X, plans to explore new frontiers in a number of areas.   Why viruses? Viruses seem ubiquitous in almost unimaginable[…]

Virus-X scientists explore extreme environments

     The genetic resources of natural ecosystems here on Earth have enormous potential as a source of valuable gene products such as enzymes that can be utilized in various ways.  The Virus-X project is a multinational research project funded by the European Union (under the Horizon2020 framework) that aims to exploit the genetic resources of[…]

Virus-X in the Press

The Virus-X project has been generating attention in the public media from the get-go. Genomeweb made a feature article on Virus-X: Read the full Genomeweb article here (pdf) Fréttablaðið, the largest newspaper in Iceland, featured the Virus-X project as the main science news on June 1 2016: The news also appeared on the web at[…]