Virus-X excellence in science is bearing fruit.

The Virus-X excellence in science is being recognized and a number of scientific publications supported by Virus-X are being published in high-impact scientific journals: Steinegger M, Söding J. MMseqs2 enables sensitive protein sequence searching for the analysis of massive data sets. Nat Biotechnol. 2017 Nov;35(11):1026-1028. Galiez C, Siebert M, Enault F, Vincent J, Söding J.[…]

The Virosphere – the last frontier

By Dr. Ida Helene Steen, Dr. Håkon Dahle & Prof. Ruth-Anne Sandaa, Department of Biology and Centre for Geobiology, University of Bergen, Norway. There are still scientific discoveries to be made! The new EU project, Virus-X, plans to explore new frontiers in a number of areas.   Why viruses? Viruses seem ubiquitous in almost unimaginable[…]

Virus-X in the Press

The Virus-X project has been generating attention in the public media from the get-go. Genomeweb made a feature article on Virus-X: Read the full Genomeweb article here (pdf) Fréttablaðið, the largest newspaper in Iceland, featured the Virus-X project as the main science news on June 1 2016: The news also appeared on the web at[…]