VIrus-X on Researcher’s Night

The Virus-X team in Iceland made a huge success at the Horizon 2020 sponsored event Researcher’s Night taken place across Europe. The team members ambitiously put together models of a bacteria and a virus (bacteriophage) to demonstrate the intricate biology taken place upon virus infection besides fundamentals of genomes and DNA and the basic structure of bacteria and viruses. The Virus-X event was targeted towards kids and the highlight was the hide-and-seek game featuring “Wally the Virus” where several copies of stuffed toy type viruses were hidden in the exhibition hall for kids to find and return to the Virus-X booth to receive a Virus lollipop and a buff. The Virus-X experts used the opportunity at the same time for a demonstration for the kids and their parents. Huge turnout and a very successful public outreach.

Check out the short video from the event.