Viruses 2020 – Novel Concepts in Virology: Another Success!

Three scientist from the Laboratory of Extremophiles Biology, University of Gdansk (Sebastian Dorawa, Magdalena Plotka and Olesia Werbowy) attended The Third International Conference Viruses 2020 – Novel Concepts in Virology held in Barcelona, Spain on 5–7 February 2020.

The conference was a great success and a good platform to share scientific experience! The three-day event congregated 240 experts from 36 countries. Talks were presented by 60 participants and more than 140 exhibited posters addressed different topics of virology.

Sebastian, a third year PhD student presented his work on characterization of novel DNA polymerase from Thermus thermophilusbacteriophage Tt72, Dr. Olesia Werbowy showed characterization of new SSB proteins derived from metagenomics libraries and emphasized their biotech potential and Dr. Magdalena Plotka depicted the antibacterial activity of thermophilic Ts2631 endolysin from Thermus scotoductusbacteriophage vB_Tsc2631 against alarming Gram-negative multidrug-resistant bacteria. All projects presented results of a great international collaborative work within the Virus-X project. Posters attracted a lot of interest and generated a lively scientific discussion.

The event was also marked by the Coronavirus outbreak. The organizers decided to include a short session about newest developments regarding the Coronavirus on the last day, which was chaired by Dr. Susan Weiss from the University of Pennsylvania.

Virus-X scientists are continuing to have an impact on the ever so important research in virology.